Profesionalni softver za analizu brzih pomeranja i deformacija u realnom vremenu

Leica GeoMoS HiSpeed

Leica GeoMoS HiSpeed is a professional software tool for sophisticated and reliable deformation analysis of high rate data. It provides fast and easy to understand interpretations of GNSS results, together with a high precision Tilt sensor for a broad range of monitoring applications.

Leica GeoMoS HiSpeed is a professional solution for:

  • Deformation Monitoring
  • Analysis of High Speed GNSS and Tilt data
  • Real-time and Post-Processing
  • Messaging via email or SMS

Deformation Monitoring

Use Leica GeoMoS HiSpeed to detect and visualise movements of your reference stations or other critical infrastructure. Leica GeoMoS HiSpeed integrates with a variety of high speed real time and post processing positioning engines including Leica Spider and any other software supporting standard NMEA formats. The software combine to provide a flexible monitoring system for reference stations, bridges, dams, landslides and more. High precision tilt measurements from Leica Nivel200 inclination sensors can be used to complement the GNSS derived data. Longitudinal, transverse, easting, northing, height, 2D and 3D displacements and more are computed in real time and can be displayed on screen and on the web as time series, scatter plots and vector maps. Data filtering and archiving features are also available.
Limit Checks and Messaging

Three levels of absolute limit checks for each of the longitudinal, transverse, height, 2D and 3D displacements, 2D accuracy, height accuracy, availability, x-tilt and y-tilt may be defined separately for each monitored site. A flexible messaging system allows for configuration of email, SMS and command line actions to be linked to each limit check and system message. The current connection and traffic light status of each site/sensor/solution is shown.

Industry Standard Data Formats

Leica GeoMoS HiSpeed works with standard data format NMEA GGA, GNS, GGQ and LLQ in addition to proprietary Leica formats. TCP/IP, serial and SQL database communication links are supported. A direct link between Leica GeoMoS HiSpeed and Leica GNSS Spider makes configuration of the system quick and easy.

License Free Version

Leica GeoMoS HiSpeed can be downloaded and used for free. No registration or software protection keys are required. The free license includes Tilt sensor interface and analysis.

Link for free of charge software download